Kid-N-Drag Gaming

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Kid-N-Drag Podcasting started as a project with 2 lifelong friends that love video games. We love every part of games-the cosplayers that emulate some of their favorite characters. The Artists-That create some of the amazing game art in some of our favorite games, and the fan art that comes with almost any good video game out there. The Musicians – The music that makes the game a truly enjoyable experience and really sets the tone. The Technology – The technology going into the making of the video game, to the technology that is made to support the playability of the game. When you get right down to it gamers exemplify a couple of the best traits in people. Community and the discovery of what is possible. If game creators were not testing the viability of an idea in a game environment, how much creativity from the world would be lost? How many ideas that are real-life enhancements wouldn’t be there, if we didn’t have a safe place to create and experience these first?