About Us

This is just a little bit of backstory about us, and why we do what we do. We do appreciate feedback, good or bad, to help improve our podcast. Thank you for stopping by!

Drag Headshot

Yo, Drag here, I am just an old time gamer, players of toys and maker of anything, love chatting so feel free to ask anything, we’ll cast it! My passions include people, games, technology and idiocy. Don’t be shy, we won’t!

Hey long time gaming nerd, love the outdoors, hunting, fishing and camping. Currently rocking out some Rage 2. Always loved listing to podcast so figured why not do one with my own flavor on it! I’m a waffle over a pancake person. Um yeah over all a goofy person and be prepared for some crazy words and most won’t make sense but hey it is what it is.