The Written Word

In the beginning there was this post

So, I started this site as a place to house all of our content that is easy to sort and find the content you are looking for. This space is also good for us to get feedback from you, our listeners, because you are the why behind us doing what we do what we do. (Well we may just like to BS a lot too so we decided to record our ramblings) So first, thank you for wasting your time with us, I hope we are making those drives in to work a little less boring. If you have any questions or ever want to hear use to an episode on a specific topic, let us know! For that matter, if you are super passionate about something and feel like you’d like to voice your own opinion, let us know that too, we will get you on a future cast. For now that is all, but don’t hesitate to interact, we love it.